Welcome to Hawkins Farming

Hawkins Farming is a truly mixed enterprise. We gather in grains, hops and apples in a harvest season lasting four months. And with careful, sustainable crop, land and soil management, not to mention our pedigree Herefords, taking up the rest of the year, there is never a dull moment.

About us

Acres of quality

The Farm at Bosbury on the River Leadon, and Mill End Farm at Castle Frome on the River Frome lie to the west of the Malvern hills in Herefordshire.   Sheltered from the western weather by the Welsh mountains, the farms enjoy a gentle climate and lie on deep red fertile soils of grade 1 and 2 quality, creating conditions that are perfect for the production of quality hops, apples, arable, and livestock.

These two farms comprise around 270 acres of orchards and 70 acres of hops as well as arable land, wildflower meadows, herbal leys, permanent pasture, managed woodland and Christmas trees.

Manor Farm is located over the border in Worcestershire.  It is situated alongside the River Teme at and River Severn to the south of Worcester in the historic village of Powick, the site of the English Civil War’s Battle of Worcester.


Sustainable planning for the future

Manor Farm includes some environmentally important permanent pasture grazing land along the River Severn which is subject to common grazing at certain times a year. It is also highly susceptible to flooding from Teme and River Severn.