Our arable crops grow in a wide range of soil types from sandy loams to heavy clay spread over our land in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


Acres of quality

This enables us to grow a range of crops that includes wheat, barley, oil seed rape, and spring beans.   We are constantly trying to improve soil structure, aiming to lock in nutrients and retain soil moisture. 

We have embraced the Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship scheme by planting bird and bee friendly flower mixes in more marginal soil types.  We have also grassed down headlands adjacent to rivers and brooks and taken some field corners out of production to enable wildlife to move in transit with greater ease.

We have embraced technology in all our arable farming operations.  It has helped to increase yields and reduced the use of fertilisers.  Our John Deere tractor have GPS guidance installed which has reduced overlaps, gaps and soil compaction.

In running a successful commercial arable enterprise, our aim is to produce food in a responsible and sustainable way to benefit the health and wellbeing of both people and nature.

Hay Meadows

Delicious and nutritious

Every Year we make wonderful hay on the river meadows alongside the River Teme and Severn, cultivating many species of grass. All animals enjoy our hay, especially horses. Please contact the farm office if you wish to buy our hay.