The Hawkins family have been growing and selling high quality hops for decades. Our Herefordshire farm has the right climate and depth of rich fertile soil for successful hop growing.


Prize-winning hops from a strong tradition

Today, we grow a range of varieties, some traditional such as Goldings, Progress & Pilgrim alongside new and exciting varieties such as Jester Olicana, Harlequin, and Godiva. At the forefront of the  brewer’s craft, we are also home to many plots of unnamed new varieties which are part of brewing trials.

Hops are a rewarding, but a very challenging crop to grow.  They are a permanent crop and start to emerge from the soil in April.  Hop bines (the plant stems) climb clockwise up the strings and by the longest day (21st June) they have reached the top of the wire work structure.  By September the flowers are out and ready to harvest.  Hop flowers are known as cones and their flavouring and preservative properties differ with each variety.  As with grapes and apples, terroir (the combination of factors, including soil, climate, and environment, that gives a wine, cider or beer its distinctive character) is also highly relevant for hops.

Our new hop picking machine operated by our skilled team of pickers enables us to pick the perfect sample which the brewing industry needs.  Once the hops leave the farm they are repackaged and distributed throughout UK and worldwide.

Hawkins Farming, prides itself in producing top quality hops for the UK and worldwide. Our dedication and produce have been widely recognised and we have won many prizes in recent years for successfully growing high quality hops.


A Reputation for quality & excellence

Hawkins Farming is a member of Charles Faram Farms which has direct links to Charles Faram & Co Ltd based in Newland, Malvern.  Charles Faram has been established as a merchant and processor of hops for over 150 years and has a reputation for quality and excellence across the industry.

The late Thomas Hawkins purchased Charles Faram and Co Ltd in the 1980s, and it remains in the Hawkins family today with offices in Newlands Worcestershire, Yakima USA, Toronto Canada and Poland. The company enables our hops and those of many other farmers to be marketed and sold directly to brewers in the UK and across the globe.

Hops are a global commodity and British hops in demand around the world. New markets are constantly emerging to meet the new and changing demands from beer drinkers worldwide.  Hawkins Farming is proud to be involved in the Charles Faram hop breeding program developing new varieties of British hops to successfully compete with competition from overseas.