Cider Apples

Most of our apples are supplied to the region’s major cider makers including Heineken, Aston Manor, C&C Group, Westons and Thatchers with orchards planted with specific varieties and dedicated to particular cider makers for periods between 25 and 30 years. Please contact the farm if you are interested in purchasing cider apples.

Our Apples

Great variety and quality produce

In the spring our farms become resplendent with colour, coated in the dazzling decorations of pink and white apple blossom for as far as the eye can see. For centuries, Herefordshire has been producing outstanding cider apples, yet another crop that is perfectly suited to the terroir of the county.

We have cider orchards spread across The Farm and Mill End. Each orchard is planted with a specific variety and dedicated to a particular cider maker. Hawkins Farming supplies most of the region’s major cider makers including Heineken, Westons, Aston Manor, C&C Group and Thatchers. Some of our trees are 70 years old, but we also have an on-going renewal programme, planting new varieties in order to meet the changing tastes of consumer demand.

In the Autumn, millions of ripe apples must make their journey from the branch to the cider press, an intense and regimented process that can take up to two and a half months

Varieties:  Katy, Jilly, Vicky, Fiona, Hastings, Three Counties, Helen, Browns, Mitchelin, Dabinet, Yarlington Mill, Harry Master Jersey, Red Falstaff.